David Holmes

Instonians lost a great friend with the passing of David Holmes. We asked one of his many good friends at the club to pen a few words in his memory. Keith O’Donnell and David went through Inst together.


On Sunday 7 January 2018 we lost Davy Holmes at the age of 54 and we already miss him terribly.

I was Davy's captain at school and although Davy was not one of the better players on the team there is no-one who tried harder or was more proud to play for RBAI. Davy and I played in the same team as Johnny Black, Chris McQuay and Paddy (Paul) Dolaghan and we all joined Instonians on leaving school and remain great friends, so we have lost a great friend this week.

Davy brought his pride , passion and commitment to Instonians cricket club and progressed through being a stalwart in the midweek team to captaining the 3rd X1 to trophies. He was right in the middle of all the craic and banter in every team he played for including bus trips to North Down, one of his favourite grounds.

He was also the driving force behind the club tour to Barbados and although I was not able to go I feel as if I might as well have been there the amount of stories that have come back. Davy was right in the middle of everything by all accounts.

When Davy stopped playing he began a period of remarkable coverage of cricket in the province and although he had played for Instonians he remained completely neutral and fair in his coverage of all teams. In addition he was equally happy reporting on junior cricket. After the Junior Cup win for Instonians last season under Michael Warke,Davy ended up back in the Instonian clubhouse with the team but rest assured had CSNI won he would have been back there with them.

Last summer I spent hours in Davy's company primarily watching Instonians but also other games. He was great fun to be with and always had plenty of banter with players and supporters of every club while tweeting or retweeting every score in the country. He researched every game thoroughly, reported fairly and always praised players and clubs.

Davy and I would have been all too familiar with the Instonian batting collapses of the past which seemed to run through all the teams and we had a saying of 49.4 which meant that even if we were coasting the odds are we would squeeze home with 2 balls to go. It was usually a contest to see who said it first when we met up at an Instonian match. People must have wondered what we were talking about. Fortunately the current Instonian side do not suffer many batting collapses but that did not stop Davy and I with our 49.4.

Instonians and the NCU have lost a huge personality and contributor to the game of cricket.

Missing you a lot Davy..... 49.4