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A message from our Committee Chairman

Dear Fellow Member

These indeed are unprecedented and very challenging times. COVID19 has had a devastating impact across society with multiple deaths and hospitalisations, closure of many businesses with widespread financial hardship and the cessation of all sports including our own of hockey. As we all continue with social distancing and lockdown, which leaves many isolated, I am writing to you on behalf of your committee to update you on what little has happened in the world of hockey and to reaffirm that the “Instonian team” is here to offer support where needed.

It is inevitable that the Instonian family will have been affected by COVID19 and I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sympathy to any who have lost a loved one and to wish a speedy recovery to anyone currently suffering.

Regarding hockey matters, the season 2019-2020 is officially over. The IHL League 2 was declared null and void. Our 1sts will re-enter IHL2 next season and hopefully enjoy better results. The final Ulster league places have been decided by a mathematician. The 1sts are third in the Premier League, the 2nds a very credible mid table in Junior 1, the 3rds relegated and the 4ths promoted. The 4ths missed out on the Junior League 5 title by less than 1% - whatever that means! All the youth competitions have been declared null and void as well, which is disappointing for our budding stars who were hoping to end the season with a trophy or two.

There is no indication when hockey may recommence or what next season will look like. We could face another interrupted season as it uncertain how the pandemic will play out over the next number of months. If there is any news we will circulate this to all club members. For the present the pitch and clubhouse are locked and off limits.

One bit of good news from recent weeks. Our Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer, Joanne and Andrew Corry, celebrated the birth of their son Oliver George in mid March – all continue to do well. We send our congratulations to both parents. (Please keep us posted about other pieces of good news that we can share).

To conclude I would just encourage you to keep in touch with teammates and other club members during these difficult times, post your news into your Whatsapp groups, and reach out to anyone who is finding life tough. Also try and maintain some fitness with your daily exercise, and stay safe.

We all look forward to meeting up again and playing/watching hockey.

Take Care

Yours sincerely,

Dr JH Brown

Chairman Instonians Mens Hockey Club Committee