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4th XI Results 2019
Date Competition Venue Opposition Result Scorecard
25 Aug  League  Away  Bangor III  Won by 4 wks 

Bangor 98-7wks(R Craigan 6-9)

Inst 101-6wks(G Robinson 56) 

17 Aug League Away Lisburn III Won by 1 wk

Lisburn 163-9wks(L Donnelly 2-22,C Anderson 2-26)

Inst 164-9wks(R Ellerby 75no,A Kennedy 27)

11 Aug League Shaw's Bridge Lisburn III Won by 7 wks

Lisburn 74ao(L Donnelly 4-20,M Hollway 3-23)

Inst 78-3wks(B Crothers 32no,James Welshman 21)

4 Aug  League  Away  Muckamore IV  Tied 

Inst 231-4wks(James Welshman 108no,G Higgin 69)

M'amore 231-5wks (L Donnelly 2-35, G Robinson 2-35) 

27 July  League  Away  Lurgan II  Lost by 10 wks 

Inst 94-5wks(D Mitchell 27no)

Lurgan 95-0wk 

20 July  League  Shaw's Bridge  D'acloney Mill III  Lost by 124 runs 

D Mill 174-5wks(L Donnelly 2-23)

Inst 50ao 

15 July  League  Shaw's Bridge  BISC II Lost by 7 wks 

Inst 122-7wks(A Kennedy 38)

BISC 126-3wks(G Higgin 2-13)

23 June  League  Shaw's Bridge  CSNI IV   Won by 17 runs

Inst 158-5wks(T Johnston 84no,S Crothers 35no)

CSNI 141-7wks

22 June League Away D'acloney Mill III Lost by 4 wks

Inst 145-6wks(T Crothers 55)

D Mill 146-6wks(S Joshi 4-8) 

8 June  League  Home  Muckamore IV  Lost by 4 wks   
2 June League  Away  CSNI IV  Lost by 80 runs 

CSNI 181-3wks

Inst 101ao 

19 May  League  Shaw's Bridge  BISC II  Lost by 6 wks

Inst 152-6wks(R Ellerby 87,S Crothers 31)

BISC 153-4wks

11 May Lindsay Minor Cup - Rd 1  Away  Cooke Collegians II  Lost by 8 runs 

Cooke Coll 130-6wks(D Keane 4-14)

Inst 122-8wks(G Higgin 58no) 

4 May  League    Lurgan II  Won by 82 runs 

Inst 181-9wks(T Johnston 68)

Lurgan  99-7wks(A Kennedy 3-17,T Campbell 2-16)

 28 Apr League  Away  Bangor III  Lost but awarded points due to ineligioble player 

Inst 159(Amy Hunter 46no,B Crothers 35,G Higgin 31)

Bangor 161-6wks(Amy Hunter 2-28)