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3rd XI Results 2019
Date Competition Venue Opposition Result Scorecard
14 Sep League Shaw's Bridge Woodvale III Won by 5 wks

W'vale 93-5wks(X McIlwaine 2-15)

Inst 97-5wks(J Dickson 29, B Beattie 22no)

1 Sep League   Cooke Collegians II Won by 7 wks

C.Col 144-6wks(R McKibbin 2-27)

Inst 145-3wks(R McKibbin 58)

31 Aug League  The Green  North Down III  Won by 91 runs 

Inst 225-6wks in 30 overs(S McLarnon 81no,H Ellerby 55no)

N Down 184ao(B Crothers 3-21) 

25 Aug League Shaw's Bridge Saintfield II Won by 85 runs

Inst 196-9wks(B Alexander 78)

S'field 111ao (H Ellerby 3-28), S McLarnon 2-14)

24 Aug Lindsay Minor Cup Final Dundrum Woodvale III Lost by 32 runs

W'vale 122ao(H Ellerby 3-18,B Crothers 2-11)

Inst 90ao(H Ellerby 25)

18 Aug League   Cooke Collegians II Won by 8 wks

Cooke Coll 105ao(A Wylie 3-14,M Peak 3-14)

Inst 106-2wks(R McKibbin 69)

17 Aug  League  Shaw's Bridge  Woodvale IV  Lost by 5 wks 

Inst 133ao in 29.5 overs(B Crothers 31,G Higgin 27)

W'vale 137-5wks(G Walker 2-25)

27 July

Lindsay Minor Cup


Away Woodvale IV Won by 8 wks

W'vale 209-8wks(H Ellerby 3-21,R McKibbin 2-8)

Inst 210-2wks(R McKibbin 99no,G Higgin 60)

21 July League Away Saintfield II Lost by 26 runs

S'field 158ao(T Campbell 4-15,J Rose 2-27)

Inst 132ao(H Ellerby 33no)

13 July League Ballygomartin Road Woodvale III Lost by 9 wks

Inst 156-2wks(M Anderson 90no,G Higgin 23no)

W'vale 158-1wk

29 June

Lindsay Minor Cup

- Rd 3

Away Armagh III Won by 8 wks

Armagh 124-9wks(H Ellerby 3-20,C Robertson 2-18)

Inst 128-2wks(R McKibbin 47,A Ly 34)

22 June  League  Away  Clift Academy III  Won by 5 wks 

C Acad 105-9wks(C Robertson 3-12,H Ellerby 3-18)

Inst 106-5wks(M Keane 54no) 

1 June 

Lindsay Minor Cup

- Rd 2 

Bangor GS  Bangor III  Won by 8 wks 

Bangor 176-8wks in 30 overs(A Kennedy 3-35)

Inst 177-2wks in 27.1 overs(J Kelly 82,H Ellerby 22no) 

25 May League Osborne Park  Derriaghy III  Won by 10 wks 

Derriaghy 78ao(J Rose 4-9)

Inst 80-no wk(S McLarnon 53no)

18 May  League Osborne Park North Down III  Won by 7 wks 

N Down 158-9wks in 25 overs(R McKibbin 3-30)

Inst 162-3wks (R McKibbin 84no,B Crothers 41) 

11 May 

Lindsay Minor Cup

- Rd 1 

Away  Lisburn III  Won by 128 runs 

Inst 177ao(R Ellerby 38,B Alexander 36)

Lisburn 49ao(B Alexander 3-9, A Kennedy 2-16) 

6 May  League  Away  Derriaghy III Won by 92 runs 

Inst 200-8wks(J Dickson 60)

Derriaghy 108ao(M Peak 3-22,H Ellerby 3-25)