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4th XI Results 2011

Date Competition Venue Opposition Result
dd/mm/2011 League Shaw’s Bridge Opposition Result {yootooltip title=[Scorecard] width=[350] sticky=[0]}Type scorecard details here{/yootooltip}
28 Aug League Shaw's Bridge Muckamore IV Won by 92 runs

Instonians 199 allout in 29 overs(J Hewlett 37,S McCabe 29,G Corr 28,P Johnston 27)

Muckamore 107 allout in 19 overs(J Magee 3-17,J Hewlett 2-12,C Johnston 2-21)

27 Aug Minor Qualifying Cup Final Newforge Academy III Won by 15 runs

Instonians 151-4wks in 30 overs(J McCabe 30,N Alexander 28,A Montgomery 27,P Johnston 19)

Academy 136-7wks in 30 overs(P Currie 3-14,R Bowie 1-11,J Magee 1-16)

23 Aug League Shaw's Bridge Derriaghy IV Won by 7 wks

Derriaghy 92 allout (J Magee3-28)

Instonians 95-3wks in 12.2 overs(J Hewlett 35,J McCabe 25no)

21 Aug League Belmont CIYMS IV Won by 9 wks

CIYMS 109-6wks in 25 overs(T Luke 2-8,J Hewlett 2-17)

Instonians 111-1wk in 17.2 overs(P Bardgett 58no,J Hewlett 37no)

20 Aug League Mallusk Academy III Won by 17 runs

Instonians 122 allout in 29.2 overs(P Johnston 47,R Bowie 31)

Academy 105 allout (P Currie 3-22,G Walker 2-9,C Johnston 2-21)

13 Aug League Cranmore Derriaghy IV Won by 53 runs

Instonians 124-6wks in 30 overs(A Montgomery 26,J McCabe 25,G Corr 21)

Derriaghy 71 all out in 21.0 overs(J Magee 3-20,C Johnston 2-4,J McCabe 2-13,J Irvine 2-22)

6 Aug League Moylena Muckamore IV Abandoned

Muckamore 128-8wks in 30 overs(J Irvine 2-21,J Magee2-28)

31 July League Shaw's Bridge Downpatrick III Won by 84 runs

Instonians 205-9wks in 20 overs(A Montgomery 84,N Alexander 29,G Corr 27)

D'patrick 121-6wks in 20 overs(C Johnston 3-21)

30 July League Ballyclare HS Templepatrick III Won by 221 runs

Instronians 283-3wks in 30 overs(N Alexander 114no,A Montgomery 74,P Johnston 40)

T'patrick 62 all out in 21 overs(J Magee 3-11,C Johnston 3-12)

23 July Minor Qual Cup -Semi-final Cranmore Donacloney III Won by 134 runs

Instonians 197-7wks in 30 overs(A Montgomery 77, G Portig 45,J McCabe 19)

D'cloney 63 all out in 24.3 overs(C Johnston 3-13,G Walker 3-15,J Irvine 2-16)

3 July League Away D'patrick III Lost by 16 runs

D'patrick 152-6wks in 20 overs(J McCabe 3-32)

Instonians 136-9wks in 20 overs(A Montgomery 29,G Corr 29,J McCabe 18,T Luke 18)

2 July League Cranmore Muckamore IV Won by 4 wks

M'amore 80-8wks

Instonians 81-6wks

25 June Minor Qual Cup-Rd 3 Holywood III Won by
19 June League Shaw's Bridge Bangor V Won by 33 runs

Instonians 143-7wks in 30 overs(P Johnston 43,G Corr 38,R Bowie 24)

Bangor 110-8wks in 30 overs(P Currie 2-15)

11 June League Cranmore Academy III Lost by 74 runs

Academy 158 allout in 34.5 overs

Instonians 84 allout in 22.3 overs(J Hewlett 32)

4 June Minor Qual Cup-Rd2 Cranmore Armagh III Won by 4 wks

Armagh 133-8wks in 30 overs(R Bowie 3-21,O Rainey 2-18,J Irvine 2-23)

Inst134-6wks in 28 overs(J McCabe 61no,J Hewlett 22)