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P6 Awards 2nd September 2017

Saturday saw a return to Shaw's Bridge for our first coaching session in the glorious sun. It was a fun days rugby with players displaying their skills during the games. It was great to see a new recruit in "Jay" who got into the thick of things very quickly and looks to be a real talent. He won sportsman of the week for his efforts and was a deserving winner. We look forward to seeing Jay continue to develop and enjoy himself. Superskills this week was awarded to Se-Daire who is finding his confidence as each week passes. He is beginning to run onto the ball really well and is becoming a real threat in attack and is developing into a real asset for our team. Both players are new to the game and are doing really well!!

One area that we all need to work on is ball retention in the air during contact. Protecting the ball is important and our support players must react quicker to situations as they arise. This will all develop through coaching and play. This week we will be looking at more team plays and using the ball "through the hands" to attack. We have a few more weeks coaching before we play our first game against our neighbours Cooke. See you all on Saturday.

Mini Rugby starts this Saturday

This Saturday sees a return to Mini Rugby at Seahorses, starting at 9.30am.  New players are welcome to come and give it a go.

Mini Rugby Fixtures for the 2017 - 2018 season.

Please familiarise yourself with the pitch layout for this season and download the Registration Form below if necessary to complete before you come along this Saturday.

Registration Form


Mini Rugby Fixtures 2017-18

Pitch Layout 2017 - 2018 Season

Registration Forms

Date Mini Section Fixtures More information
 2nd Sept  Coaching at  9.30  
 9th Sept  Coaching at 9.30  
 16th Sept  Coaching at  9.30  
 23th Sept  Cooke at 9.30 (H)  
 30th Sept  Civil Service/Cooke 9.30 (H)  
 7th Oct  Coaching at  9.30  
 14th Oct  Ballymena / Dromore 10.00 (H)  
 21th Oct  Armagh T.B.C. (A)  
 28th Oct  Coaching at  9.30  
 4th Nov  off  
 11th Nov  Malone 9.30 (H)  
 18th Nov  Blackrock / Fiji T.B.C. (A)  
 25th Nov  Harlequins T.B.C. (A)  
 2nd Dec  Academy / Cooke 9.30 (H)  
 9th Dec  Coaching at 9.30  
 16th Dec  Portadown T.B.C. (A)  
 23rd Dec  off  
 30th Dec  off  
 6th Jan  Coaching at 9.30  
 13th Jan  Ballyclare 9.30 (H)  
 20th Jan  Coaching at 9.30  
 27th Jan  Coaching at 9.30  
 3rd Feb  Coaching at 9.30  
 10th Feb  Coaching at 9.30  
 17th Feb  CIYMS T.B.C. (A)  
 24th Feb  Coaching at 9.30  
 3rd Mar  Lurgan / Cooke 9.30 (H)  
 10th Mar  Banbridge 9.30 (A)
 17th Mar  CIYMS Festival T.B.C. (A)  
 18th Mar  CIYMS Festival T.B.C. (A)  
 24th Mar  Coaching at 9.30 
 31st Mar  off  
 7th April  Inst / Cooke Festival  
 8th April   Inst / Cooke Festival  
 14th April  Inst / Cooke Festival
 21st April   Coaching at 9.30   
Mini Rugby Fixtures 2018-19

Registration Forms

Date Mini Section Fixtures More information
 1st Sept  Coaching at  9.30  
 8th Sept  Coaching at 9.30  
 15th Sept  Coaching at  9.30  
 22th Sept  Civil Service / Cooke T.B.C. (A)  
29th Sept  Ballynahinch T.B.C. (A)
 6th Oct  Coaching at  9.30  
 13th Oct  Larne / Lurgan 9.30 (H)
 20th Oct  Holywood / Cooke 9.30 (H)  
 27th Oct  Coaching at  9.30  
 3rd Nov  off  HT: 29th - 5th
 10th Nov  Coaching at  9.30  AQE
 17th Nov  Banbridge T.B.C. (H)
 24th Nov  Blackrock / USA game
 1st Dec  Academy / Cooke 9.30 (H)  AQE
 8th Dec  Coaching at 9.30  
 9th Dec  Christmas Family Lunch  
 15th Dec  Malone T.B.C. (A)  
 22nd Dec  Coaching at 9.30  
 29th Dec  off  Xmas / New Year
 5th Jan  Coaching at 9.30  
 12th Jan Harlequins / Cooke 9.30 (H)  
 19th Jan  Coaching at 9.30  
 26th Jan  CIYMS T.B.C (A)
 2nd Feb  Coaching at 9.30  
 9th Feb  Carrick / Cooke T.B.C. (H)
 16th Feb  Coaching at 9.30  
 23th Feb  Off
 HT: 18th - 25th
 2nd Mar  Coaching at 9.30
 9th Mar  Armagh / Hinch T.B.C. (A)
 16th Mar  CIYMS Festival T.B.C. (A)  
 17th Mar  CIYMS Festival T.B.C. (A)  
 23rd Mar  Ballyclare / /Cooke T.B.C. (A)
 30th Mar  Coaching at 9.30  
 6th April  Inst / Cooke Festival T.B.C. (H)
 7th April   Inst / Cooke Festival T.B.C. (H)  
 13th April  Ballyclare Festival T.B.C (A)
 20th April   off

 Easter: 15th - 29th

 27th April  Ballymena Festival T.B.C. (A)  
A Guide to Concussion Awareness for Mini Rugby Parents and Players

This season Instonians is promoting the IRFU Education Initiative on Concussion in Rugby. The Campaign is entitled STOP INFORM REST RETURN. For more information on this and links to other websites please read on.

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