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Seahorses Hockey 2021-2022


Membership Update

Dear Instonian 

You should have now received an email from  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  regarding Playing and Non-Playing Membership Fees for our Club 

Can you please give this your immediate attention? 

The last 18 months and the impact of the pandemic has seen our membership fees and sponsorship revenue decimated. Normally the cornerstone of funding for any club, the absence of sport has led to a huge reduction in the membership fees that were paid last year . 

With costs accumulating and development plans in place for the coming season that need to be paid for, your membership contribution for the 2021 / 22 season is more important than ever. 

Our Membership Secretary has set up a system so that the money is not required in one large hit, but rather can be drip fed throughout the year through a monthly Direct Debit for not much more than the price of a Boojum! 

Given the individual sums involved, you may not feel that it will make much difference if you pay or don’t pay. However, when 100 people feel like that, it creates a huge hole for our Club. 

Just like any business or organisation, your Club currently needs your support. 

If anyone would like anymore detailed information about how membership fees are used, please let me know. 

Many thanks 

Neil Gillies 

Chairman of Instonians Executive Committee 

Mob: 07919 493 797 

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Seahorses Youth Registration and Covid Procedures

Registration and Payment Process

This season we are introducing an online automated registration and payment system which will make the process of registering and paying much simpler. Only electronic payments will be accepted. We have also decided to bring our rates into line with other hockey clubs and still be delivering outstanding value for 30 weeks of coaching through the year. The rates are attached in a spreadsheet. Covid continues to cast its shadow over all our activities and the new registration system will make keeping track of kids, coaches and parents for the purpose of contact tracing easier and more robust.


The new rates are split by age category. You will notice that you can now pay either upfront or by a monthly payment. Please note that if you want your child to have a trial for a few weeks you must still register and sign up to a monthly payment. We can cancel this monthly payment should you not wish to continue.

We are also offering a sibling discount which you can choose for any additional children you choose to register.


You can register your child by using the following link to our Team Fee Pay account


Membership Fees 2020-2021


First child ...

Age  Membership  Transaction Fee  Payment in Full         Monthly Transaction Fee Total Payment By Installment
U7 £100  £2.10 £102.10 £17 £1.10 £126.70
U9  £120  £2.50  £122.50  £20 £1.20 £148.40
U11 & U13  £140  £2.80 £142.80  £22.50 £1.20 £165.90


... additional sibling

Age Membership Transaction Fee Payment in Full      Monthly Transaction Fee Total Payment By Installment
U7 £70 £1.80 £71.80 £13 £1.00 £98.00
U9 £85 £2.00 £87.00 £15 £1.10 £112.70
U11 & U13 £100 £2.10 £102.10 £17 £1.10 £126.70

Covid will be putting a strain on our coaching and administration resources. We therefore need your help, parents, with tasks such as Covid-checking the players on a check-list before each session. When registering you will also notice that there is a question “Would you like to volunteer with CLUB? Yes or NO?” If you would like to volunteer then choose YES.

As well as registering for the season, before each session, we will require each attendee to register their is attendance on the app. This applies to parents who wish to attend and watch in a socially distanced manner from the terraces as well as players.

COVID - 19

  1. Parents can drop off all players in the large rear carpark or if staying to support then park in the large car-park
  2. Players, coaches and parents shall enter and leave the ground following the arrows on the map
  3. All players/coaches shall sanitise as they enter the ground at the sanitation point by the entrance to the pitch
  4. The COVID Officer responsible for the match will meet you at this point and provide directions, check that you’ve Covid registered and deal with any queries
  5. Players shall use areas indicated to them for their specific playing group. There are three zones: Zone 1, which will be coded red, with bag drop-offs marked out in red tape; zone 2, which will be coded blue, with bag drop-offs marked out in blue tape; zone 3, coded black and yellow, with bag drop-offs marked out in black and yellow tape.
  6. Each coaching group constitutes a bubble of not more than 30 personnel, including coaches. There shall be no cross-contact, or strictly controlled cross contact by coaches, across bubbles.
  7. Before and after entering the pitch please sanitise your hands at the sanitising station
  8. Please note the toilets are currently located by the EXIT sign on the map
  9. The pavilion & club house will not be open so please come changed to play
  10. Also note that there will only be cover for spectators on the terrace, not for players, so bring rain gear.
  11. There will be no drinks or food provided so please bring your own
  12. Due to Covid there are no blitzes planned for the coming season. This may change. You will, of course, notified should Ulster Hockey policy on this.

Pitch Sections


Coaching Team

On the brighter side of things, there are several important developments this year. GB International star Mark Gleghorne is taking up an appointment as Director of Hockey at RBAI which will bring inspiration and know-how into school hockey. We are hopeful that Mark will be able to help out with Instonians Youth Coaching through the season. We will also be recruiting a paid technical coach to work with older age-groups to advance their development.


Team KIT

We have decided to stay with the same Kit as last year. The link to buy shirts, shorts and rain tops can be found on the Instonians website or you can go directly to the Teamwear website via the following link:

As we have to bulk buy the skorts and the socks please contact Andrew Agnew on 07801672566. Socks are £6 per pair and a skort costs £20.


Tour Trip

Over the last 2 years we have been able to arrange a day trip to Dublin and last year a full tour to Barcelona. It is our intention to arrange another tour this year if at all possible. We will be looking at taking a few teams on an overnight trip to Dublin or even UK at the end of the season. This is obviously very dependent on what the Covid regulations allow us to do.



Seahorses Hockey 2020-2021



New Membership Payment System

A number of members have been asking about an email that they have received from Instonians < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > regarding an invite for them to join a particular Instonians membership catagory.  If you recall in your annual membership letter sent out by David Rainey in July, the club is transitioning from a BACS payment system to a more modern electronic payment system.  This invite is just asking for you to click on a link in order to confirm your details on the gocardless payments platform.  IT IS SAFE TO DO SO.  Can you please do this at your earliest convenience.

If you are a member and you have not received your email, can you please check your junk mail folders as we have heard reports of some email clients rejecting the emails as junk.  It would also then be prudent for you to add the email address above or better still domain to your safe senders list.

Should you have any problems please contact the membership secretary Sharon Crossan

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