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Office Bearers

Chairman : Norman Shannon

Honorary Secretary: Erica Luke

Honorary Fixtures Secretary: Ian Hamilton

Honorary Treasurer: Andrew Agnew

Chairman of Selectors: Andrew Rose

Elected Committee Members:

Nikolai Smith James Magee   Helen McConaghy 
Xander McIlwaine  Neville Latham   Paddy Ellerby
 Paul Dickson    

Ex-Officio Committee Members: 

1st XI Captain: Andrew White

2nd XI Captain: Johnny Peak

3rd XI Captain: Hugo Ellerby

4th XI Captain: Rick McKibbin

Midweek XI Captain: Guy Corr

Ladies XI Captain : Laura Milliken

Youth Convenor : Steven Crothers

Child Protection Officer : Owen Lambert

Covid Officer : Ross Ellerby and Owen Lambert

School Representative: Jonathan Peak