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1st XI Results 2017
Date Competition Venue Opposition Result Scorecard
3 Sep League The Green North Down Won by 6 wks

N Down 180ao in 20 overs(B Rose 3-27,R McKinley 2-15,S Bunting 2-27)

2 Sep League Wallace Park Lisburn Won by 8 wks

Lisburn 70ao in 25.2 overs(R McKinley 4-9,Nat Smith 3-22)

Inst 73-2wks in 12.3 overs(S Getkate 30no,Nik Smith 20)

20 Aug League Stormont CSNI Won by 4 wks

CSNI 152-9wks(R McKinley 3-25,A White 2-22)

Inst 153-6wks(S Getkate 70no,Nat Smith 29no)

12 Aug Irish Senior Cup Semi-final Dublin The Hills Lost by 119 runs

The Hills 244-6wks in 50 overs(Nat Smith 4-31,S Getkate 2-24)

Inst 125 ao (J Shannon 31,Nat Smith 23)

30 July Senior Challenge Cup Final The Green CIYMS Lost by 6 wks

Inst 208ao in 48.3 overs(Nik Smith 67,E Moleon 39,J Shannon 36)

CIYMS 209-4wks in 44.4 overs

23 July League Shaw's Bridge Muckamore Lost by 97 runs

M'amore 270-7wks in 50 overs

Inst 173 in overs(A White 42,J McClurkin 31)

22 July League Shaw's Bridge Waringstown Lost by 4 wks

Inst 177-8wks in 36 overs(Nik Smith 52,J McClurkin 40)

W'town 201-6wks in 36 overs

D/L target 197 in 36

15 July T20 Cup S/final The Lawn Waringstown Lost by 10 wks

Inst 90-8wks in 20 overs(R McKinley 46)

W'town 91-no wk

9 July Irish Senior Cup Rd 3 Belmont CIYMS Won by 114 runs

Inst 250-6wks in 50 overs(Nik Smith 69,A White 40)

CIYMS 136ao in 37.5 overs(J Magee 3-32,A White 3-33)

8 July League Belmont CIYMS Lost by 17 runs

CIYMS 257-8wks in 50 overs(S Getkate 5-51)

Inst 240-7wks in 50 overs(J Shannon 112,A White 73)

7 July T20 - Gp A Shaw's Bridge Lisburn Won by 8 wks

Lisburn 109-6wks in 20 overs(B Rose 2-32)

Inst 111-2wks in 17.1 overs(B Rose 32,J McClurkin 30)

2 July League Shaw's Bridge Lisburn Lost by 20 runs

Lisburn 248-7wks in 50 overs(E Moleon 3-28)

Inst 228-9wks in 50 overs(Nik Smith 93,A White 83)

1 July Senior Cup S/final Shaw's Bridge Lisburn Won by 9 wks(D/L)

Lisburn 136-4wks in 37.5 overs(E Moleon 2-15)

Inst 142-1wk in 26.4 overs(Nik Smith 79no,A White 59no)

25 June League Middle Road Carrickfergus Won by 3 wks

Carrick 241ao in 49.3 overs(A White 3-43,Nik Smith 3-56)

Inst 242-7wks in 48 overs(Nik Smith 85,A White 68)

24 June League The Green North Down Lost by 6 wks

Inst 208-9wks in 50 overs(J Shannon 87,Nat Smith 57no)

N Down 209-4wks in 48 overs(Nat Smith 2-34)

18 June T20 - Gp A Stormont CSNI Lost by 4 wks

Inst 133-8wks in 20 overs(R McKinley 41no)

CSNI 137-6wks in 19.5 overs(Nik Smith 2-19,R Mckinley 2-25)

17 June Senior Cup Rd 2 Shaw's Bridge North Down Won by 16 runs

Inst 226-7wks in 50 overs(Nik Smith 86S Bunting 32no)

N Down 210ao in 47 overs(S Getkate 2-30,Nik Smith 2-32,A White 2-35)

11 June Irish Senior Cup Rd 1 Shaw's Bridge Brigade Won by 114 runs (D/L)

Inst 203-2wks in 40 overs(A White 86no,Nik Smith 53)

Brigade 107ao in 23.4 overs(R McKinley 5-7,Nat Smith 2-31)

D/L Target 222 in 36 overs

3 June League Middle Road Carrickfergus Aband

Carrick 231-9wks(S Getkate 3-38)

Inst 29-2wks in 14 overs

2 June T20 Cup - Gp A Wallace Park Lisburn Won by 5 wks

Lisburn 126-7wks in 20 overs(Nat Smith 2-13,S Getkate 2-27)

Inst 127-5wks in overs(J Shannon 22,Nat Smith 20no)

27 May League Shaw's Bridge CSNI Won by 8wks

CSNI 192ao in 49.5 overs(A White 4-17,S Getkate 4-26)

Inst 160-2wks in 36 overs(J Shannon 108, A White 37no)

20 May Senior Cup Rd 1 Shaw's Bridge Derriaghy Won by 10 wks

Derriaghy 102 ao in 36 overs(J Magee 4-20,R McKinley 2-27,Nat Smith 2-29)

Inst 106-0 wk in 12.3 overs(J Shannon 69no,Nik Smith 31no)

19 May T20 Cup - Gp A Shaw's Bridge Muckamore Lost by 7 wks

Inst 133(J Shannon 45,R McKinley 26)

M'amore 134-3 wks in 17.5 overs(J Magee 2-19)

13 May League Away Waringstown Won by 20 runs

Inst 190 ao in 47.4 overs(Nik Smith 42,S Getkate 40,J Shannon 39)

W'town 170 ao in 37.2 overs(Nat Smith 3-33,R McKinley 3-52)

12 May T20 Cup - Gp A Away Muckamore Lost by 27 runs(D/L)

M'amore 176-4 wks in 20 overs(S Bunting 2-19)

Inst 50-2wks in 10 overs(J McClurkin 25)

1 May T20 Cup - Gp A Shaw's Bridge CSNI Won by 3 wks

CSNI 148-3 wks in 20 overs

Inst 149-7wks in 19.4 overs(Nik Smith 45,O Metcalfe 27,S Bunting 26)

29 Apr  League  Shaw's Bridge CIYMS Lost by 3 wks

Inst 148ao in 48.3 overs(J Shannon 32,J Hunter 28)

CIYMS 152-7wks in 37.3 overs(Na Smith 4-24)