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2nd XI Results 2018
Date Competition Venue Opposition Result Scorecard
15 Aug League Lisburn Lisburn II Won by 46 runs

Inst 116-2wks in 20 overs(J McClurkin 79,R McCarthy 30)

Lisburn 70-5wks

12 Aug League Moylena Muckamore II Lost by 73 runs

M'amore 233-9wks in 40 overs(S McLarnon 3-39)

Inst 160ao in overs(D Keane 34,A Ly 25)

11 Aug League Shaw's Bridge Waringstown II Lost by 4 wks

Inst 262-7wks in 40 overs(Matt Humphreys 83,M Bentley 54)

W'town 264-6wks in 39.4 overs(Matt Humphreys 2-45)

5 Aug League The Lawn Waringstown II Won by 3 wks

W'town 212-5wks

Inst 215-7wks(B Rose 74no,R McCarthy 40,J Hunter 38)

22 July League  Shaw's Bridge Muckamore II Lost by 34 runs

M'amore 175ao(U Minhas 2-24,C Williams 2-40)

Inst 141ao 

21 July League Stormont CSNI II Lost by 1 wk

Inst 179ao(D Humphreys 64,M Warke 43)

CSNI 181-9wks(M Warke 5-29H Ellerby 2-41)

14 July League Shaw's Bridge Waringstown III Won by 2 wks

W'town 191ao(M Warke 3-25,U Minhas 3-33)

Inst 195-8wks(S Bunting 27,A Ly 27

7 July League Shaw's Bridge Carrickfergus II Won by 5 wks

Carrick 158ao(S Bunting 3-19,M Bentley 2-31)

Inst 159-5wks(S Bunting 75no,M Bentley 46)

26/27 June League Shaw's Bridge CSNI II Lost by 5 wks

Inst 171ao(J Dickson 31, M Bentley 23)

CSNI 175-5wks(D Humphreys 2-44)

175-5wks 23 June League Home Waringstown III Lost by 19 runs

W'town 169ao(B Rose 2-21,U Minhas 2-23)

Inst 150ao(J Metcalfe 27,Matt Humphreys 27)

16 June Junior Cup Rd 2 Away Carrickfergus II Lost by 6 runs

Carrick 284ao(J Hunter 4-39,T Luke 2-29)

Inst 278ao(J Hunter 75,J McCluirkin 73)

2 June Junior Cup Rd 1  Away  Donaghadee  Won by 90 runs 

Inst 311-7wks in 40 overs(T Luke 108,M Bently 47,M Warke 42)

D'adee221ao in overs(U MInhas 3-41,J Lambert 2-0,Matt Humphreys 2-47) 

26 May League Osborne Park CIYMS II

Won by 18 runs

Inst 187-8wks in 40 overs(E Moleon 59,D Humphries 26)

CIYMS 169ao in 39.2 overs(T Luke 4-30,L McNamara 2-20)