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1st XI Results 2021



Date Competition Venue Opposition Result Scorecard
11 Sep PL Shaw's Bridge Carrickfergus Wopn by 10 wks

Carrick 73ao(C Carmichael 5-18, A White 2-8)

Inst 74-0wk(N Smith 53no,O Metcalfe 21no)

4 Sep PL Wallace Park Lisburn Lost by 221 runs

Lisburn 316-5wks

Inst 95ao(N Smith 22,J Hunter 22)

28 Aug PL Shaw's Bridge Woodvale Lost by 31 runs

W'vale 244ao(J Hunter 4-25A White 2-36)

Inst 213ao(C Carmichael 83)

26 Aug PL Belmont CIYMS Lost by 25 runs

CI 132-6 in 20 overs(J Magee 2-21)

Inst 107-9(N Smith 38)

22 Aug PL Shaw's Bridge North Down Lost by 4 runs

N Down 226-6 in 40 overs(C Roberetson 2-35)

Inst 222-6 in 40 overs(C Carmichael 53no,O Metcalfe 51,N Smith 51)

7 Aug  PL  Stormont  CSNI  Won by 4 wks 

CSNI 221ao(B Rose 3-49)

Inst 186-6(S Getkate 77no,O Metcalfe 31)

DLS 184 in 40 overs 

1 Aug  Senior Cup S/final  The Green North Down Lost by 7 wks 

Inst 209-9(J Hunter 46,O Metcalfe 35)

N Down 213-3 

31 July PL Shaw's Bridge Waringstown Lost by 42 runs

W'town 237-6(47 ovrs)(S Getkate 2-38)

Inst 197ao(46 ovrs)(O Metcalfe 49,N Smith 43,S Getkate 35) - DLS 239 in 47)

24 July PL Middle Road Carrickfergus Won by 6 wks

Carrick 169ao(B Rose 4-27)

Inst 170-4wks in 31.2 ovrs(J Dickson 71,O Metcalfe 47)

18 July Senior Cup Rd 2 Cregagh Cregagh Won by 8 wks

Cregagh 215ao(B Rose 5-53,A White 2-34)

Inst 218-2wks(J Hunter 86no,N Smith 70no)

17 July PL Shaw's Bridge Lisburn Won by 4 wks

L'burn 205-5wks(N Cole 3-16)

Inst 209-6wks(J Dickson 84)

10 July PL Shaw's Bridge CIYMS Lost by 45 runs

CIYMS 209ao (J Magee 3-37,C Carmichael 3-38)

Inst 164ao(J Dickson 75,J Hunter 34)

4 July PL Woodvale Woodvale Won by 7 wks

W'vale 91ao(J Magee 4-17, C Robertson 3-13)

Inst 92-3wks(N Smith 41no)

3 July Senior Cup Rd 1   Ballymena Won by 8 wks

B'mena 91ao(B Rose 4-16, C Robertson 3.26)

Inst 92-2wks(O Metcalfe 62no)

26 June PL The Green North Down Lost by 6 wks

Inst 124ao(J Hunter 65no)

N Down 125-4wks(C Robertson 2-24)

19 June PL Shaw's Bridge CSNI Lost by 6 wks

Inst 170ao(O Metcalfe 46,J Rose 33)

CSNI 172-4wks in 41.4 ovrs

12 June Premier League The Lawn Waringstown Lost by 47 runs

W'town 309-5wks(C Robertson 2-36)

Inst 262ao(C Car-michael 78, S Getkate 67,A White 42)

29 May  T20 Cup  Middle Road  Carrickfergus  Won by 8 runs 

Inst 198-5wks(S Getkate 94no,J Hunter 47)

Carrick 190-8wks(S Getkate 3-22) 

 28 May T20 Cup  The Green  North Down  Won by 49 runs 

Inst 169-8wks(S Getkate 78)

N Down 120ao(C Robertson 4-19) 

22 May T20 Cup  Shaw's Bridge  Lisburn  Lost by 2 wks 

Inst 138-9wks(O Metcalfe 56)

L'burn 142-8wks in 19.5 ovrs(B Rose 2-18,C Robertson 2-25) 

 19 May T20 Cup   Shaw's Bridge Woodvale   Won by 5 wks

W'vale 127-7wks(B Rose 2-19,J Magee 2-26)

Inst 131-5wks in 18.3 ovrs(S Getkate 35,J McClurkin 26)

 15 May T20 Cup   Belmont  CIYMS  Lost by 102 runs

CIYMS 212-2 wks

Inst 110ao in 17.1 ovrs(A White 25)

13 May T20 Cup The Lawn Waringstown Abandoned

W'town139-7wks in 20 ovrs(J Magee 5-14)

 8 May  T20 Cup  Shaw's Bridge  CSNI Lost by 9 wks

Inst 104-5wks in 15 ovrs (N Smith 29,B Rose 22)

CSNI 105-5wks in 10.5 ovrs