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Youth Section
Seahorses Academy - 05/02/2017

Hearts are trumps!

Girls Youth Hockey Team

It was intense, it was spirited, there were tears, there was lots of lovely hockey and we even nabbed a couple of goals against some of the best girls players around. Fabulous! Thank you to all of the girls, especially those who took knocks for the team. They are history makers. It's the first time Instonians have sent a girl's team into a competitive match and it certainly won't be the last.

Girls Team 2016-2017

Thanks to Paddy, OC and Haydn for coaching, umpiring and encouragement. Thanks to Paul Irvine for the team photo.

All the hard work is paying off. So back to porridge this Sunday.

Youth Academy - New Shirts

New shirts for the Youth section courtesy of Tughans

Seahorses Hockey Academy

A quick walkaround from last Sunday.

Remember we are at Shaw's Bridge on Sundays from 1pm, come on down and join in the fun!

Seahorses Hockey Academy 2016-17

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